Malaysian public split on BERSIH 4 Rally


BANGI, 28 Aug 2015 – A survey carried out between 15th and 21th August 2015 found that 43% of the respondents view the BERSIH4 favorably while 47% of the respondents unfavorable. The survey found that supporters of the rally were distinguished along gender, ethnicity, urban-rural as well as socio-economic lines.

Supporters of the rally were mostly drawn from among males (48% as opposed to 39% women), urban voters (51% favorable as opposed to 31% among rural voters) and those with mid-level income or above (57% favorable among those from households of RM3000/month as opposed to only 28% from those with less than RM3,000 monthly household incomes). Perhaps the most marked findings was that the rally was supported by 81% of the ethnic Chinese respondents and 51% of the ethnic Indian respondents but only favored by 23% of the ethnic Malay voters interviewed.

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BANGI, 5 May 2015 - It has come to our attention that a survey result purportedly related to the by-election in Rompin was circulated. We wish to inform everyone that Merdeka Center did not carry out a survey for the Rompin by-election at any point in time.



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