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‘Vibrant economy’ within 6 months, predicts Dzulkefly
27-Apr-2019, freemalaysiatoday.com

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad says Malaysia’s economy will be vibrant again.

SEMENYIH: Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad is optimistic that the country’s economy, as well as foreign and domestic investments, will bounce back in the next six months as it has already passed the recovery phase.

“People understood when several projects were shelved some 10 months ago as we wanted to revise them by negotiating with the contractors to make sure the costs involved are reasonable.

“Hence, the construction industry was disrupted for a while and it affected other sectors.

“However, we have passed that phase and I believe in the next six months, we will see a very vibrant economy,” he told reporters after officiating the Selangor health carnival at Setia Ecohill today.

He was commenting on the results of the poll published by the Merdeka Center yesterday. According to the survey, only 40% of respondents were satisfied with the government’s management of the economy, 46% felt that the “country was headed in the wrong direction“, up from 24% in August 2018, while 39% said they approved of the ruling government.

High living costs was the biggest concern, the survey showed.

Dzulkefly added that he was also in contact with Tony Pua, the special officer to Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, who informed him that the rehabilitative measures implemented by the government had a positive impact on the economy.




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