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National Public Opinion Survey Perception Towards Direction, Leadership & Current Issues

Getting into one year after GE14: PM’s approval rating at 46%, government at 39%

100 days after GE14: PM’s approval rating at 71%, Government 67%

Penolakan rakyat terhadap Najib Razak penyebab kekalahan PRU14 - ahli dan perwakilan UMNO

BN poised to retain power despite popular vote decline

Malaysia General Elctions XIV Outlook Prospects and Outcome II

Malaysia General Elctions XIV Outlook Prospects and Outcome

Economic issues remain top most voters’ concerns

Malaysians concern about climate change, dissatisfied with government efforts

Low knowledge about Malaysia Agreement 1963

Strong voter approval rating for Sarawak CM Adenan Satem

Economic and infrastructure needs top voters' concerns in Sarawak

Government’s Approval Rating Declined Significantly while NLD is
Expected to Secure Majority Votes

High Voter Turnout and Level of Confidence on the Fairness and Freeness of the 2015 General Elections

Myanmar Voters Have Positive Outlook for the Country Ahead of the 2015 General Election

Majority of Malay voters do not support Sept 16th Rally

Malaysian public split on BERSIH 4 Rally

Sarawak Good Governance Public Opinion Survey 2015 Highlight of Survey Findings

Majority of voters lack awareness and comprehension of 1MDB controversy

Majority of Muslim voters think Kelantan Government should focus on post flood reconstruction

PM's approval rating slips to 44%

Public perceptions towards corruption unchanged since 2005

PM's approval rating at 48%

Despite crisis, Pakatan retains upper hand in Selangor

PM’s approval rating dropped to 48% in June 2014

Majority believe Malaysia not ready for hudud

Majority of Malaysians do not understand or accept the GST

Public Opinion Survey on MH370 Crisis for The Malaysian Insider - 24th - 30th March 2014

PM’s approval rating remains unchanged

PM’s approval rating slides on increasing economic worries

PM’s approval rating slides further

Economy and crime top voters concern

PM’s approval rating slips

Economy and Public Safety top voters concern in November 2012

PM's approval rating stable

Sabah voters dissatisfied with state economic conditions

Illegal immigrant issue tops voter concerns in Sabah

PM's approval rating remains in positive territory

PM's approval rating declines slightly after BERSIH demonstrations

Most Malaysians want the electoral roll cleaned before elections

Overwhelming 88% of Kota Kinabalu and Penampang voters want RCI to investigate the alleged illegal immigrant issues in Sabah

PM's approval rating remains strong, outpaces government's rating.

Majority of Voters Want Najib-Anwar Debate

PM's approval rating declines to 59%

Public confidence in state of ethnic relations decline

SEA Muslim Youth Survey 2011 - Malaysia & Indonesia

Merdeka Center's Poll of Singaporeans during the GE campaign point to increasingly engaged and diverse electorate



PM's approval rating remains stable - survey

61% of MBPJ residents satisfied with city council

Malaysian Voter Values Survey 2010 - Political Typology

Survey: Malaysians split over the direction of national unity

Malaysian voters have mixed views on government KPIs - survey

Majority of Chinese voters say that MCA is relevant but have mixed feelings about party election

Perak Voter Survey February 2010

Malaysian Public Perspectives On The Role Of The Media In Reporting Corruption 2009

PM's approval rating remains in positive territory - Report 1

PM's approval rating remains in positive territory - Report 2

Najib at 100 days: Strong Job Approval Rating on Economic Measures

Merdeka Center poll: Youth well informed but politically disconnected

Voter concerns on political stability subside, but worries about the economy remain

Malaysians want their views to be considered in the selection of UMNO leaders – survey (English Version)

Malaysians want their views to be considered in the selection of UMNO leaders – survey (Malay Version)

Majority of Perak Voters Prefer Elections – Survey

Economic issues top voter concerns entering the New Year

Candidate quality tops voters’ considerations – Merdeka Center Survey

Q3/2008 Peninsula Malaysia Voter Opinion Poll

Media Independence Survey 2008

Voter Opinion Poll - P44 Permatang Pauh - 22-24 August 2008

Peninsula Voter Opinion Poll, July 2008- Perspectives on General Direction & The Economy, Barisan Nasional & Leadership Approval, Pakatan Rakyat and Allegations Against Anwar Ibrahim.

Peninsula Voter Opinion Poll, Mar 2008- Perspectives on Issues, the Economy, Leadership and Voting Intentions.

12th General Elections - Observations on Issues, Voting Directions and Implications

KELANTAN DARUL NAIM VOTER OPINION POLL, Jan 2008 - Perspectives On The Economy, Leaders, Local and Other Issues

Penang State Voter Opinion Poll Jan 2008 - Perspectives On Issues, the Economy, Leadership And Voting Intentions

Voter Opinion Poll 4th Quarter 2007 - Awareness and Perspectives on Demonstrations, the Economy, National Issues and Leadership, December 2007

Selangor Voter Opinion Poll Nov 2007

National Youth Survey 2007 - Perspectives On Civic Participation And Attitudes Towards Democracy, Governance And Political Participation

Malaysian Transparency Perception Survey 2007: Perspectives from Members Of The Public and Corporate Sector On The State Of Transparency And Integrity In Malaysia, March 2007.

National Youth Survey - Perspectives on Civic Engagement, 2006

Voter Opinion Survey - Peninsular, Oct 2006

DiGi Snapshot: MERDEKA Youth In Focus, July 2006.

Public Opinion Poll on Ethnic Relations: Experience, Perception & Expectations, March 2006.

Education System Perceptions Survey: Experiences with the Education System, Tuition Classes and Current Sentiments on the Economy, December 2005.

Public Integrity Perceptions Survey: Public Integrity, Personal Experiences &
Current Economic Conditions, August 2005.

Public Service Delivery & Economic Perception Survey: Public service agencies, Service Delivery Criteria and Perceptions on Current Economic Conditions, April 2005.

Merdeka Center - New Straits Times Youth Expectations Survey Excerpts: Personal Outlook, Education, Social Issues And The Future, December 2004.

Merdeka-NST Health And Lifestyle Survey: Lifestyle and Healthy Living Healthcare Concerns and Services, December 2004.

Merdeka – New Straits Times Work - Life Balance Survey: Job Satisfaction & Career Development Working & Living Expectations Balancing Life & Career, October 2004.

Post Election Public Opinion Survey: National And Local Issues, Crime, Social Problems & Corruption Perceptions Of The Elections And Media Reporting, August 2004.

National Electorate Survey Highlights: National Issues, Economic Optimism, Crime & Public Safety, Islam and Political Participation, February 2004.

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